Winged Vision is a pioneering leader in aerial sports broadcasting. Known throughout the world for its groundbreaking live aerial coverage of PGA Tour golf from airships, Winged Vision continues its more than quarter-century leadership role and today is the largest operator of stabilized aerial camera systems for sports coverage in the country.

Led by founder Bob Mikkelson, a 2016 Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee and Emmy Award © winner, Winged Vision often has been the launch customer for groundbreaking aerial camera and microwave systems.

The company was the first in the world to stabilize 40x lenses from aerial platforms in the mid-1980s and the first to fly a new generation of ENG-style telephoto lenses in the early 1990s, setting the pattern for today's aerial camera systems.

Unmatched experience and integrity. Unmatched depth and reach. The biggest events. Live aerial coverage from airships, airplanes and helicopters. Welcome to Winged Vision.