While best known for its aerial sports coverage from airships, Winged Vision also operates from the most popular helicopter platforms in the world with our company-owned mounting fixtures for the Eurocopter AF350/355, Bell JetRanger series and the Robertson R44.

But it was Winged Vision's use of airplanes that again changed aerial sports coverage. Now producers and directors are not limited to a helicopter's flight-time limitations. Continuous coverage— pre-game through post-game— is routine with one of our three owned and operated fixed winged aircraft.

Our specially equipped Helio Courier, with its "stealth sound suppressor," often is the only aerial platform allowed for live coverage of noise-sensitive events at some of the world's best-known competitions and venues. In addition, an airplane provides greater sponsorship flexibility to networks.

With the ability to operate throughout the year in all parts of the country, it's no wonder that for more than 15 years, Winged Vision's two Helio Couriers and Cessna airplanes have been called upon to provide major event aerial coverage by sports networks and well-known airship operators alike. With industry leading slow-flight capabilities, Winged Vision's airplanes provide a margin of safety unmatched in the industry, and continue to be the aircraft of choice at some of the world's most-watched sports events.


Winged Vision's camera operators are some of best in the business. Led by founder Bob Mikkelson and his quarter-century and more than 12,000 hours of aerial shooting experience, Winged Vision crew members are experienced in sports, news and documentary shooting both live and for tape. Winged Vision's microwave technicians have years of experience, many of them holding degrees in engineering and other technical fields.

World Cup finals, Olympics, Super Bowls, PGA golf and golf majors, World Series, college football national championships, NHL hockey, Triple Crown racing, NBA basketball, NASCAR and the NFL.

The biggest events for more than 25 years. Winged Vision.